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Construction Injury to Trees



New home construction and remodeling around existing trees can lead to serious damage and in many cases the death of existing trees. There are a number of species which can tolerate minor changes to the environment before they begin to decline in health and vigor. The Post Oak is one of those species.  


Living in the Cross Timbers Region as we do, this is one of the most predominant trees.  An above ground visible deterioration may not become evident for several years after change has taken place. One of the biggest factors which typically goes unnoticed is that many of these trees have evolved on the site with the annual rainfall of 30 – 35 inches per year. Once we develop a site and add irrigation, the amount of moisture falling on the property is doubled.  

Existing trees, especially with root damage, will not tolerate this dramatic increase in moisture.We attempt to improve the environment for redevelopment of the root system with deep root feeding programs. this process not only provides a high quality nutrient solution to the root zone, but also aerates or adds oxygen to the root zone. Many times these programs are designed to be very aggressive with many feedings throughout the season, as well as winter.  

Site conditions such as limited root area, soil compaction and tree condition will dictate which type of program is necessary to improve the trees vitality. We attempt to slow or stop the deterioration of the trees. You must also remember that many of these trees have developed their root system over the last 30 – 60 years. Development has, within a matter of months, eliminated a majority of the root system, and it can take several years to visually see improvement – patience is important. 

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