Complete Tree Care and Preservation

Fully Certified Arborist – available to inspect your trees for the following:

Sick Tree Care

Trees in our urban environment suffer a large variety of stresses, which continue to compound as insects and diseases move in.  Read more

Diagnostics –

A Certified Arborist can evaluate a trees condition well before it shows signs of stress to the untrained eye and recommend a systematic plan of treatment to get your tree healthy and keep it healthy.

Tree and Landscape consultations

Having trouble with your tree or landscape but not sure what to do?

Call us! We can help, offer tips, and or implement a plant healthcare program designed just for you!

Organic health care programs –

For trees, shrubs, grasses using exclusively organic materials

New Tree Planting

Tree selection is one of the most important decisions a home owner makes.  Read More

Mature Tree Care

A healthy mature tree, increases in value with age- paying big dividends.

Critical –not deep– Root Feeding

The actual roots responsible for the uptake of nutrients, grow in the upper 6 to 12 inches of the soil.

Plant Health Care –

Monitoring, using preventive treatments, keeping your “tree” investment growing.

Construction Injury to Trees

Construction and remodeling around existing trees can lead to serious damage and in many cases the death.  Read more

Tree Injections

To aid in plant vigor and disease resistance

Plant Health Care vs. Tree Health Care

Plants and trees share the soil.  We’ll help you keep them all healthy!  Read more

Professional Landscape Design and Installation –

Call us, we can help you with your new landscape, as well as sprucing up your existing one.

Our Revitalizer works on all plants!

Your trees and landscape, are an  investment,  just like your home – imagine how much pride you’ll feel knowing your  investment is safe and healthy.

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